MTM: Abu Hayder

16 Sep 2017
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In this episode we build the shipyard. Flotsam and Jetsam | Essentially Wood | Shipyard at Foss Journal entry #8

In this episode, we build the shipyard. This is the first part of many concerning scenery construction. Scenery preparation part 1 | Essentially Wood | Shipyard at Foss Journal entry #7

In this episode, we build the shipyard. Roofing the structure | Essentially Wood | Shipyard at Foss Journal entry #6

In this episode we build the shipyard. Assembling the structure | Essentially Wood | Shipyard at Foss Journal entry #5

In this episode we build the shipyard. Hand Painted Signs | Essentially Wood | Shipyard at Foss Journal entry #3

In this episode we build the shipyard. Basic Scratch Building | Essentially Wood | Shipyard at Foss Journal entry #3

In this episode we build the shipyard. East Coast Style | Essentially Wood | Shipyard at Foss Journal entry #2

In this episode we build the shipyard. The Texture of wood | Essentially Wood | Shipyard at Foss Journal entry #1 20% Off Helicon Focus: 40% Off Private web browsing with TunnelBear: The Scale Model Show Show is a show where your host Ron Pare shares his knowledge and skills on building model trains and structures kits. Ron has been a model train builder for over 6 years (2015), working for manufacturers and clients all over North America. 20% Off Helicon Focus: Website: Google+: Facebook:­rsguild/ Add your support: Background Music used with permission Or maybe help me knock of an item on my wishlist... - We love to make miniature terrain

Tools and Supplies

13 Jul 2017
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The tools of the trade can be whittled down to a list of few essentials. In this article, we have polled the most important tools and sometimes even the essential brand name. Thanks for looking

Glues & Abrasives

Paints & Brushes

  • Paint Brushes -
    - Micro Brushes
    - Hemostats - Holding Small Diameter Wire for glue and touch up paint.
  • Airbrush
  • Paint
  • Glycein USP - anybrand
  • Weathering powders
  • Make-up foam wedge
  • Oil washes
  • Blue Painters Tape - 3M


Power Tools

Building Supplies

  • Evergreen Styrene
  • Stripwood & scribed sheets
  • strip wood chopper
  • craft jewellers storage bins

Model Railroad Supplies

  • Foam cradle to hold loco/rolling stock
  • NMRA Gauge

I have been using Scenery n' Stuff Matts for years now and love them. These are some of my tips on using them.

Homemade wall vines made of moss.

How I make my scenic dirt, that is capable of passing in any scale.

Ibrahim's Etsy Store

In today's meet the modeler we interview Joshua Smith. Where we discuss the art, other modelers and a world scene of scale artist who are breaking out inta a new mainstream artform.

Modelers we talk about Ryan Thomas Monohan, Goon Hugs, Hank Cheng, Kevin D'Alenti, Alan Wolfson, Randy Hage, Marcel Ackle, Jens Trenckle, Ali Alemady and Henry Thong

In this episode, we talk to Mark Williams Joe Lemay. Mark is the founder of Imagine That Laser Art and a Canadian Artist. Joe is an expert in both local railroad history and was a huge influence in my modeling.

In this episode of Meet the Modeler, we talk to Evandro Lima from Brazil.

In this episode, we talk to Ramon Rhodes, the consummate modeller adjective 1. showing a high degree of skill and flair; complete or perfect.

Now since I started in this hobby, I have been a wood model kinda guy. Plastic models are a whole different beast IMHO. So talking to Ramon Rhodes is a huge opportunity for me to learn some insights into a segment of the hobby, I know little about.

Yet this segment of the hobby is probably the most popular among the young. I think that If I am going to get a better grasp on the hobby I so enjoy, I need to learn what I am missing out on. Ramon is a true gentleman, and I was honoured to enjoy this chat with him.

Ramon tells us how to win a model contest

Earlier this year I started seeing the posts of this cat from the UK, except he models the USA. How peculiar I thought to myself. So I introduced myself and asked him to have a chat with me. 

What I found is a small world, one that was very relate-able... 

What really caught my interest though was the methodical method of this modelling wizard. Usually, I am quite prepared to pick apart scenes in my mind's eye, to try and figure out how he did things. However, I was humbled a number of times, including the moment when he pointed out the mirror. THE MIRROR, I fell for that? Well, you will have to watch to see it happen.

Rob Clark is a gentleman and a great modeller. His photographs and blog posts are an inspiration for an international crowd, an accomplishment not many can achieve. 

I met Ulrike Strauch (Ulee) in the usual way. I first saw some fantastic images of her work on Facebook, and simply sent her a message. What I found was a German custom builder, that is highly talented, and not afraid to try something new.

Ulee’s scenery work is well sought out, in Europe. And after this interview was completed, my friend has started creating Tree’s so realistically, that I feel we need to talk again sometime next year. She is so very talented, and I do hope you agree.

Please, enjoy

What, Another low-cost craftsman kit? Yup, but this one is an interesting example of the cost of detail parts. While Jack em' up had less metal detail parts and was a wee bit larger, Bob's is smaller with more details parts.

These resin kits are a blast if you know what you're doing. And even if you don't, the exploded diagram is all you need, right?

I know, the title will toss a few over the edge and does break into the realm of click bait. I believe it to be true.

Uploading to Youtube is the worst for large files. This video helps you to reduce the size of your videos without reducing quality.

I found a stem armature that looked like a tree. But was a wee bit too big to be anything other than a willow tree.

A week later I am working on the honey do list and find that hot chilly pepper roots look just like branches of a tree.

Some paint, craft glue, and various ground cover junk. And I do mean junk, a tree is born.

Sign-making 101

17 May 2017
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Ok, not everything I do ends up in failure. Sometimes I stick with it till it works. Other times I run away screaming NOOO!!! We also see what happens when you try and lock the ol' lady out of the room.

I was requested by a modeler to share everything I know about signs. After they watched me mask my Son's name on his tablet. He was going on a trip and I wanted to make sure if some kid stole it (he is autistic and is a target), that kid (i hope it would be a kid, really) would have to hide his thieving butt to remove said signage.

No I messed up on a technique I saw somebody "talk about" before. I wanted to make sure I knew how to do it. I failed, it was hilarious. But I also shared a number of valid technique y'all might like. So check them out.

MTM: Hank Cheng | A world apart

03 Jun 2017
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It is my honour and pleasure to share the work of Hank Cheng. From Taipei Taiwan, I feel he is a member of an international club of master modellers. One look and you think it is a real model. Then you see it is a model, of a model. Watch as the camera pans further back opening the edges of miniature worlds.

Plus a few shared techniques.

You will never know how thankful I am for the modellers that are in my periphery. I am literally surrounded by amazing artists who are quite satisfied with their art, and less so with fame. To me, it is really humbling to see what the difference is between a wealthy modeller and one that scrapes by with only the tools he needs.

Like a cheapo camera and simple household lamps for "studio lighting"

Please enjoy while I interview my latest Patreon supporter, Chester Fesmire. And hey, if you are not a Patron that is ok, you can see the interview too.

I recognise that I am nobody. My art is created to suit me, my hobby, life. In fact one of the most, ridiculous things I ever heard was, you need to take a break from the Hobby. A hobby is often the only legal self-medicating procedure this world has. And I partake with fervour, so does my new friend.

Well, I ask Michael Paul Smith to have a chat about what drives his hobby. And what do you know, we found Common Ground.

You can view more of Michaels work here at

Ali is my friend, born in Iraq and now a refugee in Turkey. He uses his art to release his inner spirit. Even when the world around you is falling apart Art has a way of bringing the light back in from the darkness.

Last week we talked to the founder of ITLA. This week we have the new owner of ITLA Scale Models.

Nick has been releasing new kits, also in the theme of the big city. And if anyone out there reading this, knows how to paint yellow brick realistically, please let me know. Because these kits straight out the the laser look to only need an application of clear coat to look like a very realistic yellow brick. And I hate the idea of leaving a kit unpainted, loath it.... The pet peeve of a custom painter

I just recently learned KC workshops existed. And I am amazed by the offerings on the website. Great prices and designs.

A Model Railroad resource should strive to make its readers feel able to achieve goals, not just basic goals, the doozies that take a few tries to accomplish. Founded by Ron Pare.