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Making white decals used to be a problem, so I have been told. To make the white ones required an ALPS style of printer. Pulsar has hit the scene running with their DecalPro line of products.

So what's the trick? you may ask. Transfer sheets are the simple answer.

To make these decals requires a few tools that, to be honest, anyone can use for a multitude of projects. You might actually catch that opportunistic eye of your better half with this one.

Laser printer or copier: Does not matter color or black. It is the toner that does the trick here. Prints as small as Z scale will work. The only limitation really is your understanding of computer graphics programs such as, a free, fully functional Vector based graphics suite.

Heat Gun: You know the type of peeling paint. Using a heat gun removes all the moisture in a print. creating the likelihood that the decal will have no "interesting" results.

Laminator: DecalPro uses heat to transfer the medium to the designs printed on paper.

KK2000 adhesive: After all the steps are done and the decal is ready to put on your model, it is this highly concentrated spray that permanently sticks the decal to the model cleanly.

Upon opening the sampler kit, we found nearly all the colors we could think of using a decal. The amount of each color is enough for a substantial amount of decals depending on your scale. Many parts are reusable and it really became a pleasure to work with as my experience grew.

I have seen samples of Z scale text and the results were amazing. I will be using this system regularly from now on and you expect to see decals for many projects upcoming. DecalPro makes it easy to create and numbers your fleet and it is no longer an expensive task.

I would recommend it to anyone looking into making decals. More information on DecalPro and other fine products can be found at

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