MTM: Ramon Rhodes | I ask how he wins a model contest

06 May 2016 Ron Pare
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In this episode, we talk to Ramon Rhodes, the consummate modeller adjective 1. showing a high degree of skill and flair; complete or perfect.

Now since I started in this hobby, I have been a wood model kinda guy. Plastic models are a whole different beast IMHO. So talking to Ramon Rhodes is a huge opportunity for me to learn some insights into a segment of the hobby, I know little about.

Yet this segment of the hobby is probably the most popular among the young. I think that If I am going to get a better grasp on the hobby I so enjoy, I need to learn what I am missing out on. Ramon is a true gentleman, and I was honoured to enjoy this chat with him.

Ramon tells us how to win a model contest

The Model Railroads and Structures Show is a show where your host Ron Pare shares his knowledge and skills on building model trains and structures kits. Ron has been a model train builder for over 6 years (2015), working for manufacturers and clients all over North America.
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