MTM: Rob Clark, a wee bit of murica in the UK

15 Jun 2016 Ron Pare
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Earlier this year I started seeing the posts of this cat from the UK, except he models the USA. How peculiar I thought to myself. So I introduced myself and asked him to have a chat with me. 

What I found is a small world, one that was very relate-able... 

What really caught my interest though was the methodical method of this modelling wizard. Usually, I am quite prepared to pick apart scenes in my mind's eye, to try and figure out how he did things. However, I was humbled a number of times, including the moment when he pointed out the mirror. THE MIRROR, I fell for that? Well, you will have to watch to see it happen.

Rob Clark is a gentleman and a great modeller. His photographs and blog posts are an inspiration for an international crowd, an accomplishment not many can achieve. 

I have to apologise my allergies are affecting me. In today's interview, we chat with Rob Clark.

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